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Exclusive hair products

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    Ca. EUR 29,90
    200.00 kr
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    Brazilian Shekinah Perfect Straight Thermal Protection 15 in 1

    Ca. EUR 64,90
    455.00 kr
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  • Brazilian Shekinah Bundle – Mask and shampoo

    Ca. EUR 84,90
    850.00 kr
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  • Brazilian Shekinah Mask Keratin

    Ca. EUR 59,90
    600.00 kr
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Bundle by brazilian sheiknah

Brazilian Shekinah line is an organic product suitable for all types and hair. The product repairs damaged hair and make the hair silky soft, shiny, and perfectly straight.

Perfect for Blonde hair

Complete and balanced cleaning
Gentle neutralization of yellowish tones
Balances and maintains the natural acid layer
Promotes greater durability of natural and bright tones
Brightness, lightness and natural balance of hair

The caviar line

The caviar line was developed to promote maximum hydration and hair regeneration, leaving hair silky and with intense shine. Counting with oil of Ojos and Panthenol that are important integral in the nutrition, hydration and protection of the threads. Preserving hair from damage caused on a daily basis